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An introduction to the Metal Lathe is a professionally made DVD demonstrating the basic operations performed on the metalworking lathe. Featured is the world famous German made Prazi SD300 5" X 12" lathe shown above. To start the viewer is taken on a tour of the lathe itself from the drive motor to the tailstock while each feature is described. This is followed by a demonstration showing various operations including: facing, turning, boring off center cutting, center drilling, parting off and turning between centers. In the process several small parts are made to illustrate the setup and use of the three and four jaw chucks, faceplate, steady rest, tailstock drill chuck, along with various tool bits, center drills, and boring bars. Particular attention is paid to accurately setting up for each operation with the use of several different machinists measuring tools. In the third part of the video tips and recommendations for getting started are given as well as a brief tour of the current line of Prazi Benchtop machine tools. One viewer wrote "It was like standing at the operators elbow while he carefully describes each operation step by step. I thoroughly enjoyed and learned from the video. It has given me the confidence to get started, thank you." 



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