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  • toolmaker's accuracy with test report
  • with massive prismatic cast iron bed
  • with electronically adjustable motor 45 - 2300 r.p.m., equipped with a dynamic speed-adjustable main drive motor which can be adjusted by means of potentionmeter over a wide range of cutting speed
  • with a single-phase series commutator motor in parallel flow quality with permanent number of revolutions super vision
  • main spindle bore Ø 20 mm
  • precision chuck
  • fixed lathe center MT2
  • tumbler gear for metric and imperial thread
  • 10 change gears for 12 metric and 12 imperial threads
  • 2 automatic advances/main spindle drive
  • emergency OFF
Centre distance
600 mm
Centre height
135 mm
1,4 kW, 230 V,50 Hz
Spindle speed r.p.m.
Spindle bearing
20 mm optional 30 mm
Cone in spindle nose
Ø-of chuck work
170 mm
Cross slide
140 mm
60 mm
Swivel-feature of the upper slide rest
Height of turning tools max.
20 mm
Truth of rotation of spindle nose
0,005 mm
Cylindrical turning to 100 overhang
0,01 mm
Ø of chuck work, measured above the guiding bars
270 mm
Tail spindle's range of displacement

65 mm

Lateral displacement of the tailstock
+-10 mm
Automatic advance
0,085 optional 0, 16 mm
Thread pitch
Metric thread
Inch thread
0,4-3,0 mm
10-32 G/"
Dimensions of the machine
1215x500 mm
Weight net (without packing)
150 kg
Weight gross (with packing)
175 kg


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