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Sakai ML360 Benchtop Lathe 6" x 14"

Sakai 6" Swing Mini-lathe for Sale Made in Japan
Machining Accuracy of .0001" or Better
for over 50 Years the Sakai Machine Tools Company Has Built its Own Machine Tools - to Produce Japan's Leading Line of Professional Large Format Cameras. Now They Have Incorporated That Expertise into Producing the Ml-360 Mini-lathe. With All the Precision Functions and Versatility of Today's Highest Quality Industrial Lathes.
Always Perfectly Stable. Always Perfectly Aligned - Head Is Permanently Mounted. Rigid, Heat Treated Bed Has Precision Ground V-ways.
No Fooling with Millimeters - Made Specifically for the U.s. Market, All Parts Are Designed and Manufactured to Inch Measurements.
Looks Good, Feels Good, Easy to Operate - Solid, Smooth, Consistent Movement of All Operations.
Easy Reading Oversize Index Markings on the Adjustable Collars. Versatility plus - Cuts All Metals Including Steel, Cast Iron, Brass, and Aluminum.
Gives You over 14" Distance Between Centers. Lets You Swing a 6" Diameter Work Piece. A Slow Speed Attachment Lets You Work on Large Diameter Pieces.
Right Size - Comes Complete with 3-jaw Universal Chuck, Two Sets of Jaws, Dead Center, Live Center, Drill Chuck, Automatic Feed/thread Cutting Attachment, Taper Turning Attachment (Compound Slide), 4-way Tool Post and Right Hand Finishing Tool.
Fully Ul Approved. Net Weight 66 Lbs, Ship Weight 120 Lbs




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