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Apollo Series EVS Frequency Drive Special Feature

The state of the art electronic speed control enables the operator to dial in his spindle RPM, speed chages solely require turning a knob versus tedious hand cranking.

Apollo's modern electronic inverter speed control frequency head uses a simple drive system. The standard belt to drive pulley head design has a 1 to 1 ratio. This special head design eliminates excessive down time and high maintenance costs associated with repairing or rebuilding the variable drive mechanical vari drive head versus our simple EVS frequency head.

Dynamic electronic spindle braking system for instant stopping. Extremely quiet and smooth running head design gives the operator improved work finishes and superior accuracy. The EVS frequency drive is energy efficient and reduces electrical consumption.

  • High speed precision class 7 GMN German manufactured spindle bearings
  • Multi ribbed meehanite casting
  • Dynamically balanced spindle and head assembly
  • Induction hardened and precision ground heavy duty spline and forged chrome alloy spindles
  • Chromed quill and specially honed head
  • Precision hardened lead screws
  • Minimal backlash with double bronze nut for X-Y axis
  • Table precision ground and hardened
  • Table parallelism X axis 0.000075/20" Y axis 0.0065/12
  • All dials are satin chrome plated
  • Quill travel 0.00005/5" and spindle bore runout 0.0002"
  • One shot lube system, heavy duty brake, adjustable gibs, two table & knee locks
  • Built in coolant tank in base with deep dish
  • R-8 spindle standard (optional NT30 & NT40 tapers available)
  • 9"x42" and 9"x49" Astro Mills have dovetail knee & column ways, standard
  • 10"x54" Astro Mills have square knee & column ways with turcite saddle, standard
  • One year parts and service warranty
Model AM 15V-AM15EVS AM 16V-AM16EVS AM 18V-AM18EVS
Table Size 9"x42" 9"x49" 10"x54"
Longitudinal Travel 30" 35 1/4" 38"
Cross Table Travel 12" 12" 16 1/2"
Knee Vertical Travel 16" 16" 17 1/2"
Over Arm Travel 16" 16" 18"
Quill Diameter 3 3/8" 3 3/8" 4"
Power Quill Face (3) 0.0015"-0.0003"-0.006" 0.0015"-0.0003"-0.006" 0.0015"-0.0003"-0.006"
Spindle Motor (Vari) 2HP-220V 3ph 2HP-220V 3ph 3HP-220V 3ph
Spindle Motor (Apollo EVS) 3HP-220V 3ph 3HP-220V 3ph 3HP-220V 3ph
Spindle Speeds (Vari) 80-4200 RPM 80-4200 RPM 80-4200 RPM
Spindle Speeds (Apollo EVS) 50-5000 RPM 50-5000 RPM 50-5000 RPM
Spindle Taper R-8 R-8 R-8 (NT40)
Turret Swivel 360º 360º 360º
Head Tilts Front/Back 45º 45º 45º
Head Moves Right/Left 45º-90º-45º 45º-90º-45º 45º-90º-45º
Number of T-Slots (3) 3-Size 5/8" 3-Size 5/8" 3-Size 5/8"
Max. Workpiece Weight 700LBS 750LBS 800LBS
Max. Distance Spindle To Table Top 3 1/2" 3 1/2" 0
Max. Distance Spindle To Column 25" 25" 26 3/4"
Min. Distance Spindle to Column 4" 4" 6"
Net Weight 2400LBS 2500LBS 3300LBS
Dimensions H"xD"xW" 85"x63"x60" 85"x63"x60" 88"x85"x110"


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