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  • toolmaker's accuracy with test report
  • CNC software turning
  • control unit with stepping motors factory installed
  • dongle and connection cable between PC and control unit
  • with electronically controlled variable speed motor 45 - 2300 rpm. Strong main spindle drive equipped with a dynamic speed-adjustable main drive motro which can be adjusted by means of a potentiometer over a wide range of cutting speeds
  • with a single-phase series commutator motor in parallel flow quality with permanent number of revolutions super vision
  • main spindle bore Ø 20 mm
  • precision chuck
  • live lathe center MT2
  • automatic advance/main spindle drive
  • 10 change gears for metric and imperial threads
  • emergency OFF
  • PC's are not included in our delivery range
Centre distance
600 mm
Centre height
135 mm
1,4 kW, 230 V,50 Hz
Spindle speed r.p.m.
Spindle bearing
20 mm optional 30 mm
Cone in spindle nose
Ø-of chuck work
170 mm
Cross slide
140 mm
60 mm
Swivel-feature of the upper slide rest
Height of turning tools max.
20 mm
Truth of rotation of spindle nose
0,005 mm
Cylindrical turning to 100 overhang
0,01 mm
Ø of chuck work, measured above the guiding bars
270 mm
Tail spindle's range of displacement

65 mm

Lateral displacement of the tailstock
+-10 mm
Automatic advance
0,085 optional 0, 16 mm
Thread pitch
Metric thread
Inch thread
0,4-3,0 mm
10-32 G/"
Dimensions of the machine
1215x500 mm
Weight net (without packing)
150 kg
Weight gross (with packing)
175 kg


Mills Astro-Brideport type
Prazi Benchtop BF400-002 Mill Head
Prazi Benchtop Powermill BF400 - 450
Prazi Benchtop BF450 Precision X-Y Mill Table
Prazi II Wabeco Benchtop F1200 & F1210E
Prazi II Wabeco Benchtop F1200 & F1210E (High Speed)
Prazi II Wabeco CNC Benchtop F1200cc
Prazi II Wabeco CNC Benchtop F1210cc
Lathes Prazi II Apollo Wabeco Series D2400 8 x 20"
Prazi II Apollo Wabeco Series D4000 8 x 20"
Prazi II Apollo Wabeco Series D6000 10 x 24"
Prazi II Apollo Wabeco Series D6000 10 x 24" CNC
Prazi II Apollo Wabeco Series D6000 10 x 24" CNC Retro Fit Kit
Prazi MD200 Miniturn 4 x 8"
Prazi SD300 Masterturn 5 x 12"
Prazi SD400 Powerturn 7.5 x 16"
Prazi SD500 Superturn 10 x 20"
Prazi SD300 Masterturn CNC 5 x 12"
Nardini Lathe Accessories
Promaster PM1700 17"
Promaster PM 2100 21"
Promaster PM 2400 24"
Sakai Benchtop Lathe ML360 6" x 14"
Omni Saw Omni Saw OS-001 Parts List Manual
Micro Drill Press Micro Drill Press Parts List Manual
Deep Throat Series Parts List Manual
Machine Tools
Accessories -Prazi - Wabeco - Micro Drill - Mills - Lathes - CNC
Omni Puller OP-1000 Parts List & Operations Manual
Aussie Drawbar ADB-123 A&T 158 Series Part List & Operations Manual
Air Die Grinder A&T ADG-1000 Parts & Operations Manual
Prazi II Wabeco Manuals
D2000 D2400 D3000l.PDF



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